Building and Façade Access Systems

We audit, consult, design, install and provide certification for bespoke access solutions. We will provide you with an effective and appropriate solution that will enable you to easily and efficiently maintain your building facade and structure. And help you to manage the long term appearance and integrity of your assets.

Our rope access systems are designed and installed using the latest anchor and rigid rail technologies and are certified compliant with AS/NZS ISO 22846 (previously AS/NZS 4488) and Rope Access Industry Codes of Practice.

We offer permanent, temporary and portable solutions to suit your particular access requirements.

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Some of the products we may recommend include:

Rope Access Anchor Point Systems

The SAYFA range of rope access anchor points provide floor mount, wall mount or overhead permanent or temporary anchor point solutions for all roofs, facades, structures and sub-strates. All SAYFA anchors are manufactured, batch tested and numbered to provide full traceability from manufacture through to installation.

Rope Access Rigid Rail Systems

RAPTOR Rigid Rail Systems by SAYFA provide easy and efficient mobility for multiple operators both horizontally and vertically across building facades and windows, beneath overhangs or protrusions and within covered roof areas or atriums. The range of attachment methods enable fixing to rooftops, walls and soffits with concrete, masonry, steel and lighter gauge structures including metal deck roofing and can be curved to suit building design. An ideal solution for ongoing inspection, maintenance and cleaning.

Rope Access Needle Systems

RAPTOR Rope Access Needle Systems by SAYFA are lightweight, relocatable rope access system which provide safe access over parapets, curtain walls and non-loadbearing balustrades for inspection, maintenance and cleaning of building facades.

Rope Access Davit Arm Systems

RAPTOR Rope Access Davit Arms by SAYFA are a lightweight, high strength, anchorage device which cantilevers over balustrades, parapets and curtain walls for rope access work where workers are required to maintain building facades and equipment mounted on the external face of a building or structure. Davit bases are permanently mounted to the structure, with the davit arm unit being relocatable. The davit arms are then moved from base to base providing access to different areas of the structure or façade.

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