Overhead Protection

If you allow your building facade or structure to deteriorate it can significantly impact your insurance risk profile and liabilities. And you can’t wait, the effects of weather and water penetration can be rapid and irreversible if water is allowed to enter your building envelope. Safety-wise it can create dangerous situations by loosening facade concrete spalls, cladding and signage. Also vibrations of structures, such as towers and bridges, can loosen structural elements and fixings. If left unmanaged there is potential for elements to fall and cause injury or damage below.

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Using our industrial rope access techniques we can help you monitor, manage and prevent these hazards cost-effectively by providing:

  • Inspections and makesafes
  • Dilapidation survey
  • Engineering surveys
  • DROPS surveys
  • Temporary containment
  • Encapsulation
  • Overhead protection systems

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