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We provide industrial netting for a variety of different applications such as for work platforms, pallet rack safety netting, anti-litter netting, bird and pest control netting, or visual effect netting.

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Bespoke netting solutions for safety, containment or special effect.

Work platforms

Tension netting or tensioned access platforms provide safe, quick and easy access to the soffits and underside of structures such as bridges, jetties, and atriums.

Pallett Rack Safety Netting

Protecting people from falling goods, whilst protecting falling stock from damage in high warehousing.

Anti Litter Netting

Providing effective entrapment around landfill or refuse sites, preventing the spread of litter and waste debris to the surrounding environment.

Bird & Pest Control Netting

Preventing the unwanted entry of birds or other pests, helping to maintain the appearance and longevity of buildings and structures.

Visual Effect Light Netting

Stretched into almost any size or shape to create individual highlight designs providing a unique opportunity to capture light or set an architectural tone.

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