Certifications & Access System Asset Management

We help you comply with the mandatory requirements for annual inspection and testing of your facade access systems.

By taking on responsibility for your systems, we can provide a full inspection, proof load testing, logging and an annual certification service for all your buildings, ensuring you maintain compliance with current regulations and have access to your certification documents whenever you need them.

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Our full Inspection involves checking:

  • the suitability of the system for its intended purpose for a safe means of access to and from the system for appropriate compliance signage detailing the intended use
  • number of persons allowed, inspection and certification status of the system for individual anchor ID tags where the system is intended purely for rope access anchorage
  • that there is a site specific Operations Manual for the system, held on site
  • the correct operation and condition of all components
  • proof load testing of all chemical or friction fixed anchorage
  • site specific Installation and Operations Manual

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