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Everything You Need to Know: Safety Net Fans

Given Kerrect’s dedication to height safety solutions in the workplace, our Safety Net Fans are used to provide additional overhead protection to exposed building perimeters, during the construction process. Specifically designed by our team of height safety engineers, the nets offer extensive coverage for fall prevention and protection, particularly for situations where it’s not feasible or necessary, to have low-level barricades.

Versatility and Adaptability

Not only are these nets versatile, given they can be installed at any height and elevated throughout the construction process, but they also provide enhanced coverage and protection against falls and overhead hazards. One of the greatest advantages of the Safety Net Fan is the incredible adaptability of this height safety solution. Rather than being limited to construction zones, the Safety Net Fan protection can also be installed on existing buildings and structures. Furthermore, with a capacity to capture falling objects weighing a maximum of 100 kilograms and dropping from heights of up to 6 meters, the Safety Net Fans also prioritise the safety and fall protection of both workers and the general public.      

The Safety Net Fan Point of Difference

Unlike our vertical containment nets, which contain debris along the edges of the building, Kerrect’s Safety Net Fans are horizontal systems, which can provide larger projected coverage areas and catch falling objects.

Installing Your Safety Net Fan

Our Safety Net Fans can be installed in two ways, either from the inside of a new construction build, with a crane to lift the net into position, or from the outside of an existing building, via rope access or an Elevated Work Platform (EWP). Either way, our nets are always installed by qualified professionals, with a background in Engineering and experience in the Safety Net Fan installation process.

Want to Know More?

If you’re looking for alternatives to your current height safety solutions, get in touch with Kerrect, the construction safety specialists, to see how we can assist.

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