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Behind the scenes : A Day in The Life of a Rope Access Technician

When working at heights, there are a range of considerations our rope access technicians and height safety engineers need to take into account, to remain safe at all times. Given the highly challenging conditions our height safety specialists work under, safety and professionalism needs to remain paramount at all times. A day in the life of our rope access technicians encompasses a range of procedures to ensure they get the job done, in a safe and effective way. Our professional team are constantly facing access issues, or dealing with inclement weather and other risk factors that make their job more dangerous. However, given the high level of training our professional staff receive, as well as ongoing professional development and education, Kerrect’s rope access team are always well-equipped to deal with whatever comes their way.

Preparation and problem-solving

Risk management is all about thinking about what could go wrong and what to do to eliminate or minimise those potential risks. Although this sounds easy, managing risk requires a high level of competency and industry experience. Before commencing any work, the leading hand of our team will carry out an extensive risk assessment and consider potential onsite risk factors such as the building’s condition and the surrounding activities. Having well-maintained personal protective equipment, that is in good working order, is also imperative to reducing the risk of accidents or falls onsite. Our team also ensure the equipment they use for industrial rope access systems is designed, manufactured, elected, used, and maintained in compliance with relevant standards, and is being inspected before and after use. This involves checking on our working partner’s PPE to ensure all equipment is correctly attached and locked off before giving the thumbs up to proceed with the task.

It doesn’t stop there

Safety briefing the team before ascent is a must-do for all of our height access specialists and having a clear, concise plan of action is something Kerrect are passionate about, particularly in order to identify hazards, assess risks and adopt appropriate control measures, such as exclusion zones, if necessary. Once the weather conditions have been given the all-clear, the team are ready for action.

Our passion

As you’ve probably seen in some of our videos, every project is different and brings a new set of daily challenges. Regardless, Kerrect are passionate about delivering cutting-edge industrial rope access services to all of our clients. One of our latest projects that showcased our skilled and adept team was ‘The Pocket’ at Robina. Despite the technical aspects of the job, the team from Kerrect safely removed and replaced 31 glass spandrel panels quickly and efficiently, causing minimal disruption to the building’s tenants. Just another day for our team!

Want to know more?

If you’re after more information about our industrial rope access services or want to learn more about our team of height safety engineers, get in touch with Kerrect today.

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