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How Rope Access Techniques Revolutionise Work Environments

At Kerrect, we are proud to offer rope access as a height safety solution for accessing hard-to-reach areas of buildings and structures. As many high-rise buildings, towers and bridges now require facade inspections and remedial works, rope access has become an increasingly popular option.

Benefits of Rope Access

We have found that rope access offers several benefits, including increased safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Compared to traditional methods, rope access is less intrusive and allows our workers to access areas quickly and easily, making it ideal for urgent or emergency works and repairs. It also has a lower environmental impact, requiring less equipment and materials and causing less disruption to the surrounding environment.



High Level of Safety

One of the key advantages of rope access is the level of safety it provides. As skilled rope access operatives, our workers can safely access and work on high-rise buildings without the need for scaffolding or other traditional methods of access. This greatly reduces the risks associated with working at height and reduces the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

Flexibility in Applications

Rope access can be used in a wide range of environments, including confined spaces and hard-to-reach areas, providing a level of flexibility that traditional methods may not be able to offer. This makes it ideal for a variety of applications, from industrial settings to commercial and residential buildings.

Comprehensive Range of Services

In addition to facade inspection and rectification, our rope access services can also be used for other facade remedial works, such as concrete/render repairs, joint sealing, waterproofing, glazing repairs, and facade preparation and painting. This means that we can provide a comprehensive range of services for building owners and managers, helping to ensure that their buildings are well-maintained and in good condition.

Cost-Effective Solution

Lastly, we have found that rope access is a cost-effective solution for building owners and managers. Because it requires less equipment and materials than traditional methods, it is often less expensive. This means that building owners and managers can save money on maintenance and remedial works, while still ensuring that their buildings are in good condition.

Overall, rope access is a safe, efficient, and cost-effective method of accessing and working on high-rise buildings and structures. At Kerrect, we are proud to offer this service and believe it is an ideal solution for building owners and managers who are looking to maintain their buildings to the highest standards. Whether for facade inspection and rectification or other remedial works, rope access provides a comprehensive solution that can help to keep buildings in good condition and reduce the risks associated with working at height.


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