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Bringing Our Innovative Height Safety Solutions to our clients

Given our combined skill sets of height safety, rope access and safety netting, Kerrect continue to be the experts at working safely at height, without scaffolding. Recently, a client was commissioned to replace flammable cladding, on the exterior facade of a high rise building on a busy street and Kerrect were engaged to provide our innovative Overhead Protection Netting solutions, to areas that couldn’t be protected by scaffolding.

Overcoming the Challenges

One of the greatest challenges of this project was that some of the high-level exposed areas were impossible to access, or contain, using scaffolding or other traditional methods. However, given our expertise and experience in providing innovative solutions to height safety, Kerrect were able to design and install a safety netting system, which provided adequate encapsulation and allowed for the safe removal, installation and hoisting of large facade panels. We also successfully designed a davit arm system that suspended a containment netting system away from the face of the building.

Innovative Solutions

Using a combination of structural nets, with an internal debris liner, pulleys and a Netting Support System, along with on-site training, Kerrect delivered two Engineered Safety Net Encapsulation systems that provided the necessary protection and containment for the project. This in turn allowed abseiling crews to elevate the netting into position and be able to abseil down behind the netting to access the façade. In addition, at the end of each shift, any debris that had collected in the bottom of the net was able to be efficiently removed. The design of the netting system also meant it could be lowered and secured every day, allowing the works to be completed safely, in an otherwise impossible location.

Project Results Every Time

This was yet another project demonstrating Kerrect’s capability of providing innovative solutions to height safety challenges, within restrictive timeframes and challenging circumstances. Contact us to see how we can assist with you with working at heights safely.

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