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Balancing Act: The Art of Work and Play

Although we might be known for our rope access and height safety specialist skills, Kerrect are also a company that puts their employees first. Not only do we offer flexible working arrangements, regular professional development and training sessions, but we also recognise the difficulty some of our international staff have faced over the last few years. It might seem like a distant memory (or nightmare), but COVID 19 brought the world to a standstill, shutting down businesses and closing international borders for around two years. As a result, many of our long term staff were unable to return home to visit their loved ones and given their busy work schedules, have been unable to since. As a result, we have been granting extended leave, on a rotational basis, to all of our international staff, so they can finally be reunited with their friends and family. While we always retain a team of experienced professionals on every height safety job we attend, we also believe that having happy staff is key to creating an amiable and productive workplace environment. Our leave policy has given Kerrect employees a much needed break and the chance to visit their homeland. As a result, they have returned refreshed and more committed to working with us, than ever before.

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