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Professionally engineered height safety solutions, spanning fall arrest, rope access, harness anchor points and static lines. We do it all, including safety ladders, rooftop walkways, handrails and edge protection systems. Height risk control within Australian inspection, certification and compliance standards.

Information Sheet

Providing and maintaining defined, compliant and user friendly safe access routes is essential to providing a safe work place for all operators.

From initial consultation, our site specific solutions are mindful of your needs as an end user, resulting in a logical system solution which is easy to use and within your investment budget. Ease of use is the primary key to ensure operators use a system correctly and efficiently. Investment in an appropriate, easy to use, system results in a safer work environment and significant long term cost savings as operators can work safely with maximum speed and efficiency, without impeding the quality of their work.

Passive Systems: Handrails, Walkways, Platforms & Ladders

Designated safe access routes from ground level upwards to service any of your high ass access areas such as roofs, plant and equipment, towers and structures.

Safe work areas are clearly defined and trip hazards are eliminated by installation of compliant walkways, platforms stairways and ladders.

Fall hazards are controlled by the use of handrails or barricades.

Passive and collective solutions requiring no end user interaction or training.

Permanent or temporary systems are available, plus our unique range of handrailing solutions where installation requires no hot works and no roof or waterproof membrane penetration.

Fall Arrest, Restraint Systems & PPE

Audit, consultation, design, installation and certification of site specific fall protection solutions including:

  • Harness anchor points
  • Static lines
  • Ladder lines
  • Rigid rail systems
  • Overhead systems
  • Harnesses & associated PPE

Through consultation with yourself at the initial stage, we will highlight the most appropriate solution based on the areas where access is required, the nature of your work and the frequency at which the work is done. To give your operators the best protection we will encourage the choice of the safest and simplest systems for your particular circumstances, with the emphasis on logic and ‘ease of use’.

Both temporary and permanent solutions are available including a range of portable solutions.

All our installations are proof load tested and certified in accordance with current regulations and standards.

Safety Nets

Fast and cost effective fall arrest and overhead protection solutions providing complete collective protection to all your workers both above and below.

Safety nets provide a ‘soft catch’ in the event of a fall and create an easy rescue situation. Ideal for use beneath new and replacement roofs or covering voids, the flexibility of safety nets make the applications limitless.

Our safety nets are manufactured, installed and certified compliant with BS-EN 1263

Certifications & Height Safety Asset Management

Helping you comply with the mandatory requirements for annual inspection and testing of your height safety systems, harnesses and associated PPE.

We take on your responsibility for your height safety systems, providing a full inspection, proof load testing, logging and annual certification service to all your buildings ensuring you maintain compliance with current regulations and have your certification documents on hand whenever you need them.

Height Safety Training & PPE

Our unique modular height safety and rescue training system is Nationally Accredited and enables you to select the training modules most appropriate to your work environment.

Height safety training is now a mandatory requirement of AS/NZS 1891 for all persons working at height in a harness.

Training is provided either at your site or at our training centre and the successful trainee receives a nationally recognised wallet card indicating they have accomplished the mandatory required level of competency.

To compliment our training modules we retail a complete range of harness, lanyard and rescue equipment to support suit your specific work requirements.

For over fifteen years, Kerrect has built a reputation as the ‘go-to resource’ for height safety & rope access & safety netting services in New South Wales. We are also now able to service your needs in the South East Queensland region.