Safety worker at height with netting accessing the Sydney Harbour Bridge


Safety netting for collective fall protection, construction catch nets, and personnel nets. Catchfan and debris netting uniquely designed and purpose built. Netting for building and structural containment, catching and even ‘special effect’ lighting.

Information Sheet

Our Safety and Industrial Netting Systems are unlimited by size, shape or configuration and can be used to capture or contain in any number of ways and any number of scenarios.

There may be no other material that combines the requirements of safety and flexibility in such a cost effective and variable way as custom made netting systems, supplied and fitted by our experienced installers to suit any application.

Safety Netting

Collective Safety Netting Solutions to protect all workers above and below.

Certified fall arrest netting (BS-EN 1263) with or without a materials catching overlay, provides a complete ‘soft catch’ alternative or supplement to traditional fall arrest systems and PPE. Installed beneath the work area, safety nets allow workers full freedom of movement and thought enabling them to focus on the job in hand.

Benefits of safety netting fitted by Kerrect experienced installers:

  • Collective catch system, not dependant on the use of PPE by the workers
  • Soft catch, high energy absorption of the net translates to minimum impact on a fallen person, thus reducing the risk of lost time injuries
  • Ease of rescue, easy rescue procedures and, more importantly, no risk of harness suspension trauma. This allows the rescue to be carried out safely, without the added pressure of time constraints and without putting the rescuer in a high risk environment. Often the fallen person can simply climb back out of the net

Overhead Netting

Certified fall arrest netting combined with a materials catching overlay, provides protection below work areas from falling tools, materials and even building or structural elements.

Used independently or as part of a fall protection system for workers above, overhead netting systems provide complete protection enabling activities to continue unhindered beneath, and can offer a safe and effective means of maintaining daily operations or accelerating the progress of any project.

Quickly and easily installed, Kerrect overhead netting systems are an immediate solution to recognised overhead safety hazards.

Containment & Encapsulation Netting

Encapsulation of work areas or loose elements of buildings and structures, provides an immediate containment solution for the short or long term.

Kerrect containment netting solutions are available in a wide choice of colours and mesh sizes to suit individual applications enabling discrete application while still maintaining the safety and effectiveness of the encapsulation system.

Successfully installed on many older style buildings to contain loose wall or roof sheeting, encapsulation netting immediately allows the building owner a safe period of time to consider the long term remedial strategy

Safety Net Fans

Installed and certified by Kerrect, Safety Net Fans provide additional measures of overhead protection to exposed building perimeters during the construction process.

Raised as construction height increases, the safety net fan provides an immediate catch at the working level protecting a much wider projected area below and are an ideal supplement to low level hoardings.

Safety net fans can also provide an effective solution to existing buildings or structures as a temporary catch protection where overhead hazards due to loose elements of facades or structure have been identified or during remedial and refurbishment works.

Industrial Netting

Work platforms
Safe, quick and easy access the soffits and underside of structures such as bridges, jetties, and atriums.

Pallett Rack Safety Netting
Protecting people from falling goods, whilst protecting falling stock from damage in high warehousing.

Anti Litter Netting
Providing effective entrapment around landfill or refuse sites preventing the spread of litter and waste debris to the surrounding environment.

Bird & Pest Control Netting
Preventing the unwanted entry of birds or other pests, helping to maintain the appearance and longevity of buildings and structures.

Visual Effect Light Netting
Stretched into almost and size or shape to create individual highlight designs providing a unique opportunity to capture light or set an architectural tone.

For over fifteen years, Kerrect has built a reputation as the ‘go-to resource’ for height safety & rope access & safety netting services in New South Wales. We are also now able to service your needs in the South East Queensland region.