Access worker scaling the outside structure of the Sydney Harbour Bridge


Rope and abseil access, to building or high-rise facades or structures, such as a bridge or tower. Reporting, maintenance and repairing, of vertical surfaces, walls or balcony defects via harness and rope access. Solutions for external building envelopes and structures at-height, or within confined access areas.

Information Sheet

Our techniques are applicable to all areas, Building and Construction, Industrial, Infrastructure, Mining, Commercial and Residential.

Our expert methods enable us to carry out quality works safely and efficiently in areas you may once have considered in-accessible. The applications of our access techniques are limited only by your imagination, we help you change ‘what can’t be done’ into ‘what can be done’. Our qualified rope access technicians are skilled in their respective trades and fields giving you the peace of mind to know that your works are carried out to the highest quality.

Maintenance of Buildings and Structures

All forms of maintenance to high rise buildings and tall structures, carried out quickly and efficiently and with minimal disruption using lightweight access and industrial rope access techniques. We help you maintain the integrity and appearance of your assets by providing:

  • Inspections and makesafes
  • Concrete, render and masonry repair
  • Corrosion and structural repairs
  • Sealing and waterproofing
  • Painting and specialist cleaning
  • Signage installation and repair

Overhead Safety

Deterioration of facades and structures can significantly impact your risk profile and liabilities. The effects of weather and water penetration can be rapid and irreversible as water may enter the building envelope. Furthermore it can create potentially dangerous situations by loosening façade elements such as concrete spalls, cladding and signage. Vibrations of structures, such as towers and bridges, can loosen structural elements and fixings. If unmanaged there is potential for elements to fall and cause injury or damage below.

With our industrial rope access techniques we help you monitor, manage and prevent these occurrences cost effectively by providing:

  • Inspections and makesafes
  • Dilapidation survey
  • Engineering surveys
  • DROPS surveys
  • Bolt torque inspections and testing
  • Emergency catch netting
  • Encapsulation netting
  • Façade repairs

Building and Façade Access Systems

Audit, consultation, design, installation and certification of bespoke access solutions.

Cost effective and appropriate solutions enabling your building facades and structures to be maintained easily and efficiently, helping you manage the long term appearance and integrity of your assets

Rope access systems are designed and installed using the latest anchor and rigid rail technologies and are certified compliant with AS/NZS 4488 and Rope Access Industry Codes of Practice.

Permanent, temporary or portable solutions to suit your particular access requirements.

Certifications & Access System Asset Management

Helping you comply with the mandatory requirements for annual inspection and testing of your façade access systems.

We take on your responsibility for your systems, providing a full inspection, proof load testing, logging and annual certification service to all your buildings ensuring you maintain compliance with current regulations and have your certification documents on hand whenever you need them.

For over fifteen years, Kerrect has built a reputation as the ‘go-to resource’ for height safety & rope access & safety netting services in New South Wales. We are also now able to service your needs in the South East Queensland region.